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  • Sinaia

    National Centre for Tourism Information and Promotion Sinaia

  • Sinaia

    National Centre for Tourism Information and Promotion Sinaia

  • Sinaia

    National Centre for Tourism Information and Promotion Sinaia

  • Sinaia

    National Centre for Tourism Information and Promotion Sinaia

  • Sinaia

    National Centre for Tourism Information and Promotion Sinaia

Sinaia, a resort  of national interest , is placed between 798 and 1055 meters altitude on the south-eastern slope of the Bucegi Mountains, along Prahova Valley.  Sinaia is at a distance of 123 km from Bucharest,  106 km from Henri Coanda International Airport (Bucharest) and 37 km from Brasov.


Historical data

1581 – the first documentary certification  of Molomoţ Hermitage(today Furnica district)
1695 – The Sinaia Monastery is built as the core around which the settlement  began to form.
1874 – The city receives its official name :  Sinaia.
1875 – 1883 –The  Peles Castle is built as the summer residence of the family of Carol I- the first king of Romania.  The Pelişor  and Foisor castles are to follow

Sinaia – outdoor museum of  the nineteenth and twentieth century architecture

Since 1880,  Sinaia became the winter and summer resort  for the Royal Family and the cosmopolitan nobility. In 1910, it was already a unique touristical town , exclusively created for luxurious holidays,  having a Casino, elegant Swiss-style hotels,  parks,  villas and chalets on the mountains trails. Untill 1910, the ruling boyar families :  Ghica, Brătianu, Cantacuzino etc.,  but also the foreign personalities accredited by the royal court, built more than 400 luxurious residences, later on to be completed in the interwar period by hundred of villas, all in different architectural styles, made by the Romanian and foreign industrialists. Today in Sinaia there are 95 monuments, including 32 monuments of A category (national and international) and 63 monuments of B category (local or regional interest).

Outstanding natural setting

In Sinaia there are Natural Monuments such as:  the fossil place-Plaiul Hotilor, the Bucegi Steep , the Tusks of Barbeș and  natural reservations of invaluable importance :  Ariniş Reservation- on the left bank of the Prahova River and  Bucegi Reservation- one of the  most extensive and important reservation in Romania since 1935.

Geographical Data

The resort is situated at an altitude between 798 and 1055m, on the south-eastern slope of Bucegi Mountains, along Prahova valley. Ant forested foothills of the mountains, Zgarbura tusks of Barbes and Summit surround the resort in a beautiful green scene. At a distance of 123 km from Bucharest, 106 km from Henri Coanda International Airport (Bucharest) and 37 km from Brasov, Sinaia is situated along DN1, and enjoying railroad access.


The climate is influenced by the position of Sinaia town in the corridor prahovean that makes here to register very weak current of air. Winters are harsh frosts free, summer months are cold, autumns, long and serene springs, relatively mild, all contributing to Sinaia be preferred by many tourists from home and abroad.

In Bucegi climate has strongly marked the landscape, influencing the emergence of other less common forms massive (Babel, The Sphinx, mushrooms). Wind, rainfall associated with water, acted relentlessly on rocks, shaping them, making them faster or slower by deflation and corrosion processes. The effects of these processes are seen everywhere in Bucegi, rocky ridges Gutan, Gypsy Bucsoiu, Caraiman, Costila, ant with many “faces” polished by wind. The average annual temperature, recorded at the meteorological station running at Sinaia, 1888, is 6.1 degrees celsius, with backgrounds ranging from -3.9 degrees Celsius in January, -3.1 degrees Celsius and 15.7 degrees in February Celsius in July.


The number and scale of international participation events that  take place every year in Sinaia, are constantly growing.  The Peles Complex, Pelişor, Foisor, Casino, George Enescu Memorial House,  Carmen Sylva Cultural Center , all of them are hosting  series of cultural and artistical events with national and  international participation. Among these, just to mention a few, there are : Enescu and World Music International Festival,  the International Classical Guitar Festival , The Primavera Theatre and Oratory Festival , Sinaia Forever Festival – City Days , The Book Salon,  press and music, concerts, exhibitions, congresses and conferences, fairs and tourism exchanges.

The highest altitude ski area in Romania

Having a 22 km ski area, divided on  slopes with different difficulty levels, Sinaia is one of the few resorts in the country to remain open until May.

The slopes of the resort are served by a variety of cable transport facilities, as follows:

New equipment belonging to the Local Council of Sinaia and that are managed by Transport Urban Sinaia  ( public company):  Gondola Sinaia (Sinaia – Cota 1400), Gondola Skilift,  Valea Soarelui Chairlift  and near completion,  Gondola Carp (Cota 1400 – Furnica Peak).

Equipment  belonging  to Teleferic SA : The Cable Car  Sinaia – Cota 1400; Cota 1400- Cota 2000,  Cota 1400 Chairlift to Valea Dorului  and the chairlift from Valea Dorului.

The Valea Soarelui  chairlift opened in January 2011,and according to the  data provided by Sinaia City Hall,  the cableway facility is located at the highest altitude in Romania.

In the winter season  of 2015-2016 all slopes in Valea Soarelui  (Bucegi Plateau) and Pârtia Nouă (Cota 1400 – Sinaia Gondola) will have advanced equipment for artificial snow. Also, from 2016 the latest cable equipment in the country – Carp Gondola, will link Cota 1400 and Furnica Peak.

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